Q: What's your job?

So sorry for no comic strip last week! I was away on a business trip in Chicago. On my way home, there was a bomb sniffing dog at O'Hare airport on the security line. Thanks to this four legged dude, he checked my bags and gave me permission to breeze through TSA pre-check. Since he didn't find anything dangerous, I was able to keep my shoes and jacket on as I went through the metal detector. No whoosh whoosh full body scanner for me all thanks to this dog with an important job! Now if only Kit and Betsy can do something to earn their keep...



I took Betsy shopping on her birthday. We went to Pet Smart where she had trouble picking out a toy. She was torn between the side of the aisle with toys and the side with bones!

Thanks for the ones who were good sports and participated in my giveaway!
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Congratulations, Janet!
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Happy 8th Birthday, Betsy!

Sorry, folks! No strip this week. I'm heading out west to the golden state tomorrow and have been busy preparing for a job interview. So in lieu of a comic, I'm doing a giveaway! It's been awhile since I've done one of these. This past Sunday was not only Mother's Day, but Betsy's 8th birthday! In honor of Betsy's birthday, I've donated $100 to the NYC Shiba Rescue from where she came to help other great Shibas like her. Don't tell Kit, but she is the one of the most well behaved smartest awesomest dog evarrrrr~ Rain believes Betsy thinks I'm her real owner who forgets to take her home and she's stuck living with two dudes.

I recently started a Society6 page where artist and designers can upload their art to be applied onto various goods. As an artist, one earns a royalty whenever a customer purchases said goods with their art on it. I've always wanted to use my creative talents for good. I decided whatever royalties I earn from my Society6 page featuring Our Shibal Inus, the money will be donated to benefit the NYC Shiba Rescue to help other awesome dogs like Betsy and Kit who need a second chance. You can read about Betsy's (a.k.a. "Zucca") story here.

So what will I give away????
In honor of Betsy's birthday, I'll be giving away this super cool mug. The best part of waking up is a Shibal Inu on your cup!

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To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment and wish Betsy a happy birthday!
Entries will be accepted until next Tuesday (5/16), 8pm EST.
Each entry will be assigned a number and will be drawn at random.
I'll announce the winner next Wednesday and if jet lag is kind, hopefully will have a new strip up.

Good luck, everyone!



Whoever said Shiba Inus shed only twice a year is a big liar! Here is Betsy wondering why Rain is stealing all her fur:
Raise your hand if you're also covered in shiba fur. I find Kit hair in the most random places, things that haven't been exposed to him directly!