This week's strip is in honor of the 2010 Winter Olympic games. Natto was in his very first sledding competition in Korea. He was up against huskies and akitas who were twice his size! Little guy managed to place 5th! Hooray Natto!

[Natto lookin' good in his cool sledding harness & pulling the sled - Tae Baek, Korea]

These are the huskies Natto was up against:

["Whatchu got son?!?! Bring it!!! - Tae Baek, Korea]

The huskies were no joke professionals. Check out their athletic sledding shoes!

[Lookit them run! - Tae Baek, Korea]

Video soon to come!

* photos courtesy of Natto's beloved owner, Michelle.



[Shiba heart! - SoHo, NY]

Kit and Betsy had Newman's Own Organics heart shaped chicken flavored treats!

Happy Valentine's Day!


cone head.

A couple months ago, Kit got into a little accident and hurt his paw while playing with Betsy. He needed a helmet to keep from licking his cool camo bandage.

[Kit & his cool helmet! - SoHo, NY]



It's been pretty cold in the city. Betsy has been shedding quite a lot lately leaving her nothing much to defend herself from the cold. She recently got a cable knit sweater she isn't too happy about.


V-Day Greetings

Hey kiddos! Valentine's Day is near. What better way to spread the love than with Shibal Inus?
Click on the image above for full size 8.5"x11" cards. Cut and fold in half.