ice cream.

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Don't it make you feel guilty when dogs watch you eat?



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Did you know the United States Postal Service has new stamps featuring shelter pets?

You can also make personalized stamps. Check out this one of Kit:


Betsy's birthday winner is...

Hooray Melissa! You have won a Louie the Lobster rope toy from Jax & Bones!

Due to a big response, I've also picked two runners up:

Yay to our TX friend and Peter who will both receive a set of 10 Shibal Inu birthday greeting cards!

Winners please send email with name and mailing information to redcraftworks (at) gmail (dot) com.
Your prizes will be mailed shortly.

A big big thank you to all who participated!
Your support and love for Shibal Inu is truly appreciated :D


birthday cake.

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[Birthday cake - SoHo, NY]

Okay okay, video may be cheesy but it's got the following awesome things: cake, presents, shiba inus, and Sufjan Stevens.

Betsy had a quiet birthday over the weekend. She and Kit had birthday cake from Buttercup's Pawtisserie located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She opened her birthday present like a pro and played with her new rope toy all afternoon.
I think next time, I will try and make a dog birthday cake instead of buying because holy moly, that itty bitty cake was expensive! Did some research and found a few recipes online that seemed simple enough. Many include ingredients like carob. What is carob? And where can I find it? Is there a particular brand bakers use?

Don't forget, only 5 days left to enter Betsy's Birthday Giveaway Contest! Don't be shy! :D


Betsy's birthday giveaway!

It's Betsy's birthday today! This feisty ginger headed Taurus turns 2! Betsy's favorite game is fetch. This game never ceases to bore her as she is the fetch champion. For her birthday this year, she is getting a Louie the Lobster rope toy from Jax & Bones. Rope toys are awesome. Not only do they provide fun for your dog, they also floss their teeth!

[Louie the Lobster - rope toy of fun]

In honor of her birthday, I'll be giving away 1 Louie the Lobster rope toy just like Betsy's gift. To enter Betsy's birthday giveaway contest, leave a comment and wish Betsy a happy 2nd birthday!

I will use www.random.org to draw the winner.
Please note: one comment per person.
Entry deadline will be May 15, noon EST.


*** Shout out to Shio the shiba where I found these rope toys in the first place :D ***



Can you see the arrow pointing at Kit's butt hole:

Thanks to Ting for great beach suggestion! Took Kit and Betsy to the beach at Fort Tilden last week. Learned that Kit cannot be trusted off leash as he ran off to check out abandoned houses nearby. Here are some other shots from the morning:

[He enjoys long romantic walks on the beach - Fort Tilden, NY]

[Rolling around on something smelly - Fort Tilden, NY]

[Happy face - Fort Tilden, NY]

[Kit & Betsy both licked this... gross - Fort Tilden, NY]


work out.

Natto's gained a little weight due to too much love from Michelle's mom. So to encourage some indoor exercise (as Seoul doesn't have dog parks), I sent him a cat toy. Natto likes cat toys.

Auntie Gina's awesome gift that lasted 5 whole mins. from michellemin on Vimeo.

I've been watching Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution. I totally support eating fresh foods and buying local produce, even for dogs. Kit, Betsy, and Natto are all on a natural food diet. They don't eat processed dog food.

Here's Michelle's recipe for home made dog food which yields enough for about a week:
- dozen eggs hard-boiled, peeled and mashed
- 2 cans of tuna or salmon
- broccoli boiled
- two cups of brown rice
- peas and carrots
- freshly chopped parsley

Mix all together and voila!
Please feel free to adjust the recipe according to your preference!

Do you have any suggestions for unprocessed dog food? What do you feed your dog?