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Last week, Natto celebrated the Korean autumn festival of Chuseok. It's basically Korean Thanksgiving, lots of food but with paying homage to the ancestors:

(Photos shot by Jin.)


Shio's Tip #3.

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Shio's tip #3: Aloof is cool as referenced in Shio's blog.

Betsy and Kit got to hang out with Shio and Suki's owner, Jonathan Fleming last weekend!
This is what happens when you get guys with fancy cameras hanging out with very good looking Shibas:

Shio humors the pawparazzi.

Check out Shio's post on our afternoon hang out!


good life.

A very belated Happy Gotcha Day to Kit!
Here he is very handsome wearing his present:

I was trying to give him a James Bond look since he's all white but he looks more like a Chip'N Dale dancer ready to show off his pink bits :p

Super thanks to Hoshi Shiba for shopping link!

Kit also received a squeaky steak toy for his birthday: