Kit and Betsy have breakfast in the morning and an afternoon snack. Their snack is usually a homemade dried beef tendon from the dehydrator. I didn't realize but Rain forgot to dry some one day. I had already gotten Kit excited for a treat. I could see it in his eyes, 'Oh boy! Oh boy! Treat!' 
But when I opened the dehydrator, no treat! Kit was very upset so I had to run to Wholefoods and pick up some cookies for him. He was happy for the cookie but lo and behold, his new cookie made his farts extra potent. It was so bad, you could visualize and almost see how much ground it covered.


eat o'clock

Daylight savings may have ended, but the clocks in Kit and Besty stomachs have not changed! So technically, they've been eating an hour early, but it's really the same time.