hi rocky.

[Not a boxer. Photo by Ve - Brooklyn, NY]

Rocky is a rescue dog currently under foster care in Brooklyn.
He is looking for a forever home!
For more information about Rocky, please click here.

*** UPDATE ***



Kit loves sun bathing. We had some fantastic weather last weekend. He spent the whole afternoon enjoying the sun.

[Yap - SoHo, NY]


happy birthday michelle!

[Best buds - Williamsburg, NY]

Happy birthday to Natto's owner, Michelle! :D


And the winner is...

Congratulations Veanne! :D
Thanks very much to those who participated!
Your love for Shibal Inu is greatly appreciated :)
There will be more chances to win freebies this year so check back for more giveaway contests.

You can print your own cards by clicking the picture link below:

Print 8.5"x11" paper, cut and fold in half to spread Egg Day joy.


Egg Day Greetings.

Howdy! Easter is near. Wouldn't you like to participate in an Easter greeting card giveaway?
I'll be giving away a set of 10 Shibal Inu Easter greeting cards. Cards will be printed on quality card stock and will include envelopes.
All you have to do is name your favorite Easter treat under the comments. Kit and Betsy love Pegatables. They even have carrot shaped kinds to fit an Easter theme! Natto really likes those twisted raw hide treats. I personally prefer marshmallow Peeps.
I will use www.random.org to draw the winner.

Please note: one comment per person.
Entry deadline will be March 19, noon EST.

Good luck! :D



Betsy finally killed the pheasant she got last Christmas. She got a new mallard to practice tearing the guts out of prey.

[Mallard love - SoHo, NY]