Q: What are you afraid of?

Natto likes to quote Nietzsche...

Hello! Is there anyone there? 
I know it's been awhile. A lot has happened since the last I posted. Professionally, I was a senior toy designer and worked at a growing toy company for the past eight years. I guess I was doing too good a job because the head cheeses piled a lotta lotta work on my plate. While I executed my work well, I got burnt out. That meant no energy left to have fun and pursue my hobbies (this cartoon blog) at home! I finally had it being a cog in a corporate machine. So I quit my job earlier this year. It was a really sad and difficult decision because being a toy designer was my dream job.

Now, I've joined the family business running a peanut brittle factory. This means I have  time to work on my personal projects and explore my own creative outlets. Yesterday, I had the great pleasure and honor to meet my cartoon strip hero, Patrick McDonnell. He is the creator of the Mutts comic strips. Meeting him inspired me to pick up where I left off and find joy in making these cartoons. I hope they'll make you happy too.

Anywho, Halloween is coming up. What are your animal friends afraid of?