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Kit's sexy poses:

[Ladies come and get it - SoHo, NY]



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I should've known better than to leave a leather sandal laying around:

[It wasn't me - SoHo, NY]

I'm really glad I don't own a pair of expensive Christian Louboutin's or Jimmy Choo's. If this happened to them, I'd sit there... and cry... and cry...
I have a feeling Kit knew he was doing something bad because he had the shoe long enough to do a lot more damage than he did. Why is it always your favorite shoe? They know... THEY KNOW!!! At least the strap didn't break and it's still wearable :p

By the way, just finished a Shibal Inu 2011 calendar:

You can pick up your 365.25 days of Shibal Inu at the Etsy shop.

Also, your favorite furry pals are also on Facebook. Do a search for "shibal inu" and you should be able to find them.


Shop Announcement!

Hello everyone!
Greeting cards featuring your favorite Shibal Inus are now available on Etsy!
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the NYC Shiba Rescue: www.nycshibarescue.org
Kit and Betsy are both from the NYC Shiba Rescue.
I'm sure all four dogs are happy to give back and help out their fellow shiba inus in need.
Thanks for all your support and reading Our Shibal Inu!

[Spread Shibal Inu love - via Etsy.com]


Natto's birthday giveaway winners are...

Congratulations Kouki! You've won a night time walking reflective leash by Ollydog!

And for our runners up:

Hooray Carina and Ting! Both will be receiving a Shibal Inu greeting card variety pack which will include two of the cards in the previous post and two 'Thank You' cards (total of 10 cards).

Winners please send email with name and mailing information to shibal (dot) inus (at) gmail (dot) com.
Your prizes will be mailed shortly!

A big thank you to all who participated!
Your support for Shibal Inu is truly appreciated :D

Also, thanks everyone for your helpful suggestions on a thank you card! Here are a couple pictures of what I ended up doing:

Will announce as soon as cards are up in the Etsy shop!


Just a reminder...

Just a reminder:
Only ONE more day to enter Natto's Birthday Giveaway!

I'll also be choosing two runners up to receive a Shibal Inu greeting card variety pack!


a sneak peek.

For friends not feeling well:

For a job well done:

For birthdays:

For just because:

I'm hoping to have these puppies ready and up in my Etsy shop by the end of the month. Will certainly announce as soon as they're up!
Now all I need is a good "thank you" card.
Any suggestions?


shrink 2.

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Natto is referring to the incident in this photo:

[Natto's run in w/ local Korean gansta. Photo by Jin - Seoul, Korea]

That little girl is no joke. Look at that concentration. That solid as a rock stance. Don't mess...

Silly me, I meant to end Natto's birthday giveaway on July 2nd but I guess my finger slipped on the keyboard and typed in 12 instead. My little mistake is your benefit! There's still time to enter Natto's birthday giveaway! Go! Go! Go!