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Zuko has got some awesome pictures of shiba inus hunting over on his blog.
If Kit and Betsy went hunting for wild boar, it would most likely look something like this:

How can you take those fluffy tails seriously?



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Turns out Betsy may actually be afraid of flies. She's been found hiding in the bathroom from flies that made their way inside. I'm told today, when taken to Rain's photo studio, she stopped playing with Kit as soon as a fly appeared. She hid under a table. I wonder why she would be so afraid of them! Betsy was so good at catching them too. She must've wanted to get them before they got to her. Although now she just hides from them.



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Took Kit, Betsy and Nova on a cabin trip getaway last weekend. I really don't understand Betsy's obsession with poop. Neither of the other dogs were as equally fascinated. Once released into the dog pen, Betsy managed to find old poop from previous dog visit
ors and rolled around in it. While on a long leash outside the pen, she found deer poop and rolled around in that also. She had to be washed twice.

[Video shot by Jenni]

[Basking in the sun - Bethel, NY]

[Shade chaser - Bethel, NY]
Look at that innocent face. You wouldn't be able to tell she rolled around in deer poo.

[Maxin' & relaxin' - Bethel, NY]

[You take this side, I'll take that side - Bethel, NY]



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Took Kit, Betsy and Nova to the beach over Labor Day weekend. Betsy loves to dig through the sand:



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I got Kit a squeaky football for his Gotcha Day. Been watching a lot of Friday Night Lights. I think Kit is very much like "Smash" Williams. He's not as fast though because Betsy got to his football before he did:

As you can see, they LOOOOOOOOOVED it. I think because the ball also squeaked when it was released. It didn't last very long though as Kit and Betsy managed to tear the ball apart and eat the squeaker.