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The only good kinda Monday!
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Holidays are near! Time to send off greeting cards to all your friends!



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Kit and Betsy like to gnaw on marrow bones as a snack. It helps keep their teeth clean and keeps them occupied. It's funny to watch them try to bury it.



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"Friday Night Lights" is one of my favorite shows. I think it's Kit's favorite too. I love Tami Taylor. If you have a Netflix account, the first three seasons are available on instant view. You can also watch clips and recent episodes on the show's site.

Anyways, I know it's not Thanksgiving yet but I like to be prepared for the upcoming winter holiday. This year's Shibal Inu holiday card is now available at the Etsy store! Last year's design is also available:

(2010 Shibal Inu Holiday Greeting Card)

(2009 Shibal Inu Holiday Greeting Card)

As always, a portion of the proceeds will go towards helping support the NYC Shiba Rescue!