happy birthday michelle!

Happy birthday to Natto's owner, Michelle!

["You gonna finish that?" - Williamsburg, NY]

My favorite video clip of Michelle and Natto:



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My friend, Tony, returned from Japan a couple weeks ago (right before the earthquake and tsunami). He brought back candies that are only available in Asia.

For example, green tea Kit Kat:

Mango Hi-Chew:

and cola flavored Mentos:

My favorites are those Japanese gummy candies:

And of course, Pocky.

Kit and Betsy's favorite snacks are homemade dehydrated pork jerky and marrow bones.
This is the dehydrator used to make their jerky:

What are your favorite human and canine snacks?


pick a print!

Hey dudes.
In light of the terrible earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, I'm announcing a fundraiser.

It's time to pick a print!
Between March 15 - April 15, 8.5"x11" Shibal Inu comic strip prints will be on sale at the Etsy store for $15 each.

Your choice of Shibal Inu comic strip will be printed, signed and numbered.
Please note your choice of print in the shopping cart before proceeding to check out.

During this time, 100% of all proceeds from everything in the store will be donated to ARK to benefit animals from the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

Also, check out the ASPCA's steps to prepare your pets for emergencies!

Your support will be appreciated!



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I'd like to get Kit a bow tie.
Here are some Etsy stores I've been looking at:
Pecan Pie Puppies - http://www.etsy.com/shop/pecanpiepuppies
Big Paw Collars - http://www.etsy.com/shop/bigpawsaints?section_id=7465663
Rover Dogs - http://www.etsy.com/shop/RoverDog?section_id=7299189

He will hate me... but oh will it be funny.


thoughts & prayers.

Praying for earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.
Hoping everyone will be all right.


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Have you guys ever seen the Japanese commercials for SoftBank?
They're kinda strange but pretty funny. I think they're ads for cell phone plans.
The featured family consists of a dad (the dog), mom, son (black dude) and daughter.
I can't decide which is more impressive: the talking dog or the black dude speaking in Japanese.


hachiko statue.

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I don't mean to offend. This really is what Kit would most likely do if he ever visited the Hachiko statue in Tokyo... or with any monument for that matter :p


hachiko bus.

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My friend, Tony, took this photo of the Hachiko bus on his recent trip to Japan.
Saw this article about the cause of Hachiko's death via Shiba Inu Hawaii:

Also, Shiba Inu Hawaii needs help donating supplies to rescued puppy mill dogs!
The rescued dogs also include shiba inus.
Check out their video here: