happy turkey day!

[shot by Ve]

Kit, Betsy and honorary Shibal Inu, Henri wish you a happy turkey day!
Gobble gobble ya'll~


2011 Holiday Cards

2011 holiday greeting cards are available in the Etsy shop! They'll come in handy if anybody is participating in this year's Secret Shiba gift exchange :D

Don't forget! A portion of proceeds are donated to the NYCSR!


nite shiba.

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Last month, I dog-sat Kit and Betsy for a whole week while Rain was in Hawaii. Kit is a fantastic alarm clock making sure I was up in time to feed him before work.

At 5am, I'd see Batman's silhouette popping up from the edge of the bed.

"Awake yet? No?"

And then again at 6am.

"How about now?"

And again at 7am.