Kit and Betsy got a new toy over the weekend. Ever hear of Hide A Squirrel?

[Defeated by squirrel - SoHo, NY]


kit vs. zombies.

Having an addictive obsessive personality is sometimes not a good thing, especially when you got a hold of Plants vs. Zombies. It's a strange concept. Plants vs. zombies? How random. But how FUN! So here is Kit, our sun basking sunflower vs. zombies. I'm scared if he were human, he'd be a juice head tanning addict a la people of the Jersey Shore.

Here are some Holga camera shots of Kit and Betsy from a couple weeks ago when the weather was ste
llar. Kit loooooooooves the sun:

[Sunbathing @ Columbus Park - Chinatown, NY]

[Handsome profiles - Battery Park, NY]

And here's a shot of Henri, the happiest Malshi in the world because he is a shibal inu (effing dog) too:

[Pre-neuter smile - Chinatown, NY]

PS. Shibas for a good cause! Help support a shiba! Cortez of I Am Shiba is doing his part and needs your help! Click HERE.


q: where were you before your forever home?

Am back from an action packed vacation in Peru!
You can read about highlights from the trip on my personal blog throughout the week:



Got a chance to fiddle with Rain's new iPad that came out this past weekend. There is a sketchpad app which is sort of fun. Only crummy part is not knowing where the point is since you're using your fingers. It's very much like virtual finger painting.

[Shibal Inu on iPad - SoHo, NY]

Yes. That is a google eye on Betsy below. The sketchpad app has a brush that makes google eyes. I'm not sure why an artist would need such a brush but there it is.

[Betsy w/ google eye - SoHo, NY]


pep talk.

[Old shot of Nova w/ an Eeyore which is otherwise known as bunny - Dallas, TX]

We're about to get some stellar weather this weekend.
Hope everyone will be out enjoying the sun 8)