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Don't by shy! There's still a few days left to enter Natto's birthday giveaway!


Natto's birthday giveaway!

[Natto taking care of business. Photo by Jin - Seoul, Korea]

I think Natto is one of the happiest dogs in the world. He is definitely not the alpha type but life is always good. He is exceptionally well behaved and well trained. There are times when he is wacky and times when he is stoic. What can we say? He is complex dog with thoughts too complex for us to understand.

Today is Natto's birthday! I felt bad when I heard he got a blinking
collar for Christmas to wear during his night time walks in Seoul. I'm not sure how effective the blinking collar is but it's certainly embarrassing for any owner to put on their dog. I'm sending him a blue reflecting nightlife leash from Ollydog to use instead:

I bought it from Happy Paws in SoHo, NY.

In honor of his birthday, I'll be giving another one just like his away!
To enter Natto's birthday giveaway contest, leave a comment and wish Natto a happy 3rd birthday!

I will use www.random.org to draw the winner.
Please note: one comment per person.
Entry deadline will be July 12, noon EST.




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What I've been up to lately:


world cup.

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Guess which team the Shibal Inus are rootin' for at the World Cup?

[Korea fighting! - SoHo, NY]



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Kit, Betsy and Nova headed up to Roxbury for a weekend cabin trip. Kit and Betsy found deer poo in the woods and rolled around in it. They were FILTHY... SO SO FILTHY but sooooooooo happy! Nova was the only clean one.

[SO DIRTY!!!!!!! - Roxbury, NY]



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Betsy was at a park a couple weeks ago. After running around, she found a shady cool area with freshly mowed grass... and promptly rolled around in it. Check out her grass stains:

[Turning into Incredible Hulk - SoHo, NY]