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I often wonder if Betsy thinks "Gina" means me or if it means someone's at the door:


Ask a shiba.

Some news! Would you be interested in a Shibal Inu book? I feel it's about time a book is in order, don't you? But- I wanna make an awesome book and would like to include my super cool readers in the process.
I'd like to start a new segment: "Ask A Shiba", sort of like "Ask Delilah", except there will be three Shiba Inus here to answer life's tough questions.
What is the meaning of life? (Simple: Be an opportunistic eater, sleeper and exerciser but poop where and when you feel comfortable most). How is the best way to remove wine out of carpet? (Duh. Lick it.)

Do you have a question that needs answering? Would you like to seek the advice of three qualified Shibas?
Email us: shibal.inus@gmail.com (with subject line: Question for *insert Kit, Betsy or Natto*)
Tweet us: @Our_Shibal_Inu
FB us: https://www.facebook.com/our.shibal.inu

Please note, questions and answers may be edited and included in upcoming Shibal Inu book. Will make sure to seek permissions during compilations.

Kit, Betsy and Natto are ready to take your call.