And the winners are...

[Not pictured, Natto, because he is in Korea - Shibal Inu HQ]

Thanks everyone for participating in my birthday plush giveaway! I had a great Wii birthday pizza party. Kit insisted on getting the best view by sitting in front of the Wii sensor bar.

Enough chatter. The moment you've been waiting for... the winner is... wait for it...

Congratulations Niki! You'll be receiving a plush Betsy!

Due to such great participation, I also chose two runners up to receive a set of 6 new Shibal Inu birthday cards soon to be revealed:

Congratulations lalabloopbloop and Alissa!

Winners please send mailing address to shibal (dot) inus (at) gmail (dot) com.
Your prize will be in the mail shortly!

As for everyone else, thanks so much for all the birthday well wishes!
I do intend to have some plush up for sale via Etsy.
New birthday greeting cards will be up soon as well.
Will make sure to keep everyone posted!


  1. Happy Birthday, Shibal Inu artist, Gina!" I love your blog and your artand your shibas! If your birthday is today--1-11-11--how lucky! MfromDC

  2. My birthday was actually last Monday! It was a great one :)

  3. Happy birthday!!!! Congrats to the winners!

  4. i feel special, i've never won anything! haha