bone fairy.

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Here is Kit trying to fall asleep despite excitement over visit from the bone fairy:

Kit tends to whine and cry with his bone in his mouth if he can't find a place to "bury" it.

*Shop Update*
I made a big plush Betsy which is currently listed at the Etsy store.
I'm planning on making both big and mini size plushes of all four Shibal Inu characters.
They will be listed as I make them so please make sure to check back into the store!
By the way, check out prize winners The Firefox Girls making friends with Betsy Firefox!

Also, have adjusted quantities and pricing on greeting card sets and totes are for sale at a reduced price.
Get 'em while they're hot!


  1. Your cartoons are always a delight :)

  2. Merci Cynthia! I've been bad lately because my real job is keeping me busy :p

  3. Hahaha. Shio used to do that. Now he just let's it sit in the middle of the floor so I can step on it at night while stumbling around in the dark to make my way to the bathroom.

  4. So funny! Eric does the same whining thing with bones! He also does it with stuffies, running around frantically, moaning until he finds the right spot for them! Kimi could care less