nite shiba.

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Last month, I dog-sat Kit and Betsy for a whole week while Rain was in Hawaii. Kit is a fantastic alarm clock making sure I was up in time to feed him before work.

At 5am, I'd see Batman's silhouette popping up from the edge of the bed.

"Awake yet? No?"

And then again at 6am.

"How about now?"

And again at 7am.



  1. I've never been more happy to have four lazy inus who don't stir until I do at 8am :)

  2. now that summer's gone and the sun rises later, taro is happy to sleep in... provided we give him a sunrise snack first.

  3. i almost never want to get up. my humans have to drag me out of the(ir) bed every morning so that they can get their days started.