Got a chance to fiddle with Rain's new iPad that came out this past weekend. There is a sketchpad app which is sort of fun. Only crummy part is not knowing where the point is since you're using your fingers. It's very much like virtual finger painting.

[Shibal Inu on iPad - SoHo, NY]

Yes. That is a google eye on Betsy below. The sketchpad app has a brush that makes google eyes. I'm not sure why an artist would need such a brush but there it is.

[Betsy w/ google eye - SoHo, NY]


  1. Wonderful :D
    but the ipad haz no cam! :D

    btw. i love your style to draw!

  2. Thanks Chiaki!
    Yeah... the little rascal managed to find a photo of herself in Kit's photo library. She's a smart one.

  3. Awesome :)
    One of my owners desperately wants an iPad!
    And i love the pictures you drew :)

  4. love your comics! They're so cute!

  5. @Kura: It is crazy. My very first iPod I bought 6 years ago was $500. It was my first major purchase after landing my first job. Now I can get an iPad for the same amount :p

    @Jules&Ron: Thanks! Will be on vacation next week but will be back with more Shibal Inu shenanigans soon!