world cup.

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Guess which team the Shibal Inus are rootin' for at the World Cup?

[Korea fighting! - SoHo, NY]


  1. All of the Shibas look very smart in their bandannas! I'm more of a hockey fan myself, but this world cup thing is really exciting!
    I've been wondering...how come they just kick and head-butt the ball instead of ripping the stuffing out of it?

    Go Korea!

  2. Haha, hair dye with Kimuchi Water!?
    It's really OMD!
    Interestingly enough, many Shiba owners are Asians/Asian Americans with many different backgrounds/Nationalities.
    Certainly Shiba is not only Asian breed but it seems that they have strong appeal to People with Asian background in general, and of course other people too.
    I wonder what it is but whatever it is,
    Go Korea!

  3. when my humans were in china they used to watch some Korean TV shows, and they still love to shout "FIGH-TING!!!"