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Kit would be the world's worst boyfriend. He is needy and always wants to be petted. If he's bored, he'll wander over, rest his chin on your lap or poke his nose under your hand until you pat his head.

If I'm petting Betsy, he will come over...

butt check her aside...

and take her place to be petted.

One belly rub is never enough.

"It's okay Betsy. I love you too."

Here is Kit's eharmony profile picture:

"My crossed paws show my sophistication."


  1. HAHAHA.

    i love it. a shiba acting like a normal dog!

    his eharmony photo is classy :)

  2. What?! A Shiba that wants to be loved on and cuddled? That's crazy talk.

    We'd like to take you out on a date Kit!

  3. Maybe Kit can give Zuko some pointers on how we humans are such suckers for snuggles! Snuggling Zuko is like trying to hug the Tasmanian Devil from Bugs Bunny...he wiggles away fast as lightning. (Which is why I wait till he's super tired and then snuggle him - hahahaha). The only snuggles we get is at night and I swear he's just trying to steal our warmth.

  4. Kit sounds a lot like my Sami. She is so jealous when I show attention to Miko and comes over and licks the hand I'm petting Miko with. LOL

  5. First, he goes and shows his pink bits, then becomes all needy. Yeah, definitely in the running for the worst boyfriend. Haha!

  6. hahah, i LOVE the e-harmony profile pic!

  7. He's adorable, pink bits and all... but you're right. He'd make a pretty annoying boyfriend.

    Your comic reminds me of the Welsh Terrier we dogsit. He likes to be around me so much that when I shower, he manages to shove his way into the bathroom (the door is a little funky so it doesn't close all the way) and he'll just be lying there on the damp bathmat, waiting for me to come out. Sometimes he manages to slip in silently, so the brown and black lump on the floor takes me by surprise when I pull back the shower curtain. It's flattering, but only tolerable because it's temporary. Hehe.