[Me + Shibal Inus waiting for treat - SoHo, NY]
L-R: Honorary Shibal Inu Henri, Nova, Kit, Betsy and Natto.
Shot by Ve.

Howdy everyone!
This time last year, I started doodles of my friends' shiba inus: Kit, Betsy, Natto and Nova.
They've brought big joy to my life and I'm glad I can share bits of their funny quirks with you.
I really do appreciate all those who read my little web comic.
I didn't think I'd be able to carry on this long but these four monsters seem to provide endless amount of material.

Hope I'll be able to continue drawing cartoon strips and bring out some more chuckles.

Here's a little explanation behind the title of the web comic.
According to urbandictonary.com, the definition for "shibal":
"It is a Korean word used mostly in place for the word "fuck" and "shit" in English when something goes wrong. Not to be confused with the verb "fuck." Sometimes it is used as a prefix to some swear words such as shibalnom an
d shibalsekki."

Our Shibal Inu = Our Effing Dogs

This is clearly not a web comic meant for children. The drawings may look cute and clean but sometimes the dogs' language can be quite foul. Considering all four dogs are raised by Korean owners and all have crazy personalities, the title seemed appropriate.

Here's a funny video of a Korean teacher explaining English swear words:

Skip to 4:18 for "shibal".

As a big "thank you", I'll be giving away one signed digital art of your favorite Shibal Inu comic strip framed in this lovely IKEA Ribba frame:

To enter this giveaway contest, leave a comment and let me know which is your favorite Shibal Inu comic strip!

I will use www.random.org to draw the winner.
Please note: one comment per person.
Entry deadline will be August 25, 2010, noon EST.

Good luck!

*** Make sure to check back for details of an upcoming fundraiser on behalf of Kit! ***


  1. Love your stuff - my favorite is one of your newer ones - the bed positions - I just don't know how that could be comfortable....

  2. the iphone one makes me crack up every damn time i see it.
    i even showed it to my husband, who also cracked a smile.

    get it. crack. ha.

  3. congratulations on the one year!!! your comics have brought much joy to my life. <3

  4. Wahoo for one year and going strong!!! I love them all but I have to say this one is my favorite http://shibal-inu.blogspot.com/2010/04/squeak_22.html

  5. Easily, my favorite is the iPad comic. I laughed so hard I cried and then showed it to anyone who would look. And then I bought an iPad, which my cream Shiba took a liking to, as well.

    My second favorite, though, is the Kit porn comic. Every time my creamy rolls over, I say "I can see your pink bits!"

  6. Thanks for the explanation on "shibal" - I was wondering! :-)

    Favorite: Stamp. "Property of Kit". LOL! Awesomeness.

  7. We love Shibal Inu!

    Miso and Sake's favorite is the Kit porn comic. I said to Sake the other day "Oh honey when you lay like that I get a clear view of your pink bits"...well I forgot to tell my husband about the shibal inu post and he spit out his water laughing so hard. He said "Stop talking dirty to the dogs!" I died laughing then!

  8. I'm a latecomer, and have lots of blog-lovin' to catch up on!

    I think I came in at the Pink Bits comic, and it made me love the blog instantly. Whenever Bowdu assumes that position, we joke about him showing off his 'haaaandsome penis' (to be said in a super suave 1950s Ken Nordine voice).

    I was introduced to the general usage of the word 'shibal' from an amazing (but often times difficult) film, Breathless (Ddongpari). Seems like a very... versatile word.

  9. Thanks for all your comics! They always make me smile and I have spent countless hours @ work on your site, hahahaha!

    My fave is Kit with the squeaky ball!

  10. Congrats on the year anniversary!!! I hope this goes on for many more! You have turned me into a shiba inu fan! My favorite strip must be the one about shedding ( http://bit.ly/9Ih1x3 ) I can easily apply de same logic to my dogs!

  11. My favorite is easily this one: "Ice Cream"


    Mostly because my Shiba does this every. single. time.

    Must admit, I'm kinda sad that you aren't sure if you will be able to continue the strip! I look forward to the new ones-- you capture the Shiba spirit so well!

  12. Thanks to this post, Josh has been walking around the apt saying, "I'm the Shiballlllll"

  13. I like my favorite would have to be "needy". It appears that my Kuma and Kit have very similar traits in that they need constant attention! She will constantly follow me everywhere... including the bathroom when I'm in the shower! She has a habit of placing her chin on my lap, sofa, table top, bedframe and anything else that is her height level as she sits. She will then stare and if all else fails, she uses her little front teeth to nibble/pinch your skin until you pay her some attention. Talk about being needy! If someone invents a machine someday that is a rubber hand that moves in a "petting" motion, I'd buy it for Kuma. Ha!

  14. My favorite is the one on how to de-stuff a bird, i think it was around thanksgiving. It was one of the first cartoons i saw on your blog and it totally reminded me of my shiba! Thanks for your great drawing and hilarious musings

  15. Love your comic! Happy one year!

    Gotta say, I'm still laughing at "Squek."

    "Squeak, Motha--------!"

  16. "Needy" is my personal favorite. All your comics are great tho, I really enjoy reading your blog, my shiba's are similar in some traits to yours

  17. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! After reading through all of the comics again, my favorite has to be "Squeak" I think it was the first one I ever read and I laughed so hard, because it absolutely portrays both of my two shiba boys (Kobe & Sparky)!

    Absolutely love it! Always looking forward to the next Shibal Inu!

  18. Thanks everyone who participated!
    Entry is now closed. Winner will be drawn shortly!