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Took Kit, Betsy and Nova on a cabin trip getaway last weekend. I really don't understand Betsy's obsession with poop. Neither of the other dogs were as equally fascinated. Once released into the dog pen, Betsy managed to find old poop from previous dog visit
ors and rolled around in it. While on a long leash outside the pen, she found deer poop and rolled around in that also. She had to be washed twice.

[Video shot by Jenni]

[Basking in the sun - Bethel, NY]

[Shade chaser - Bethel, NY]
Look at that innocent face. You wouldn't be able to tell she rolled around in deer poo.

[Maxin' & relaxin' - Bethel, NY]

[You take this side, I'll take that side - Bethel, NY]


  1. Tsuki is a deer poo essence expert. yick.

  2. Hahahaha! Betsy seems so royal, you would not believe she likes poo rolling! Zuko found what I believe to be duck poo at the park one day and rolled in it. GROOOOSSSS. Just don't get it.

  3. Seriously guys, what is the deal with dogs rolling around in poop? And they REVEL in it! I'll have a video of this later tonight.

  4. I've read a little about why dogs roll in poop or on dead animals. Hunting dogs are more likely to do this. There are two thoughts why they do this. One is they like the scent and want to smell like that. The other is that they are trying to mask their own scent with the sent of the poop or dead animal. Makes it easier to sneak up on their prey. It is also thought that dogs roll on dead animals as a way of claiming the dead animal for themselves, by leaving their scent on the dead animal.

    I take the dogs to a park where deer frequent. If they find a pile of poop, they like to roll on it. Of course, I try to keep them away from it, but sometimes it's not always easy to see if the grass has not been mowed recently. As disgusting as all this seems, this is just the nature of the dog.

  5. Figured this is relevant here http://www.dogster.com/forums/Shiba_inu/thread/686775

  6. you guys are a bunch of lucky inus. rolling around in poo.. our humans doesn't allow us to do that cause they say we stank.

  7. maybe rolling in poop is one of the steps to the enlightenment. he he, look how happy and unstressed Betsy seems!