mini husky!

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I dog-sat Nova this past weekend. We went on a road trip up to Providence, RI to visit the alma mater (RISD holla~). Most people had no idea what a shiba inu was. A lot of people thought Nova a mini husky. Many have not heard of shiba inus. They don't seem as popular as they are in New York. However, we did meet a three year old tan shiba inu on our way to pick up some lunch. Nova wasn't interested in making friends. Neither was the other dog. She did say hello to all the humans around her.

[Walking north of Thayer. Shot by Laura - Providence, RI]

[Nova & her bunny. Shot by Laura - Providence, RI]

Nova got something stuck in her teef:

[Shot by Laura - Providence, RI]

My non-attempt to play chase with Nova:

[Shot by Laura - Providence, RI]

When Nova was at home while I was at work, I used the iCam app on my iPhone to keep an eye on her:

Being a shiba is tough, man.

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  1. "I don't pull sleds, I ride in them"

    Lol, it rings true :)

  2. we use iCam too to keep an eye on our guy while we are away, although he doesn't get a free reign of the room like that (he's in a little gated area). and yah, he basically sleeps all day.

    nova looks nice against all the reds in the room!

  3. ahahahaha. you look like a big smelly ape is the BEST response to "oh your dog looks like a fox".

  4. oh my goodness, this post had us laughing so hard.

    and thanks for the shout-out for our little shiba taro. he feels like a celebrity shiba now!

  5. HaHaHa...that was a funny cartoon! When I take my two out, most people think they are still puppies because of their size. While I have had a few people know what they are, most think they are mini huskies or Shepherds. I actually had one person ask me if they were Pomeranians. LOL

  6. Haha! I love both the comic and the series of iCam photos. Typical Shiba. We were asked if Katsumi was a Basenji the other day...

  7. Hi Nova! I get asked if I am a Chow puppy. *huff* I like your day work, rotating places to make sure max Shiba Fur on everything.
    Cheers - Zuko

  8. mini husky... we get that too! Hey Gina, check out DEMON DOG's blog entry (http://demondogsports.blogspot.com/2010/10/if-you-could-do-national-shiba-meet-up.html). You think you'd be interested?

  9. nobuko - I am lucky Nova is trustworthy not to tear up the apartment. She has very little interest in chewing and destroying things up.

    Judy - Nova is very tiny for a shiba. She is about half the size of a regular shiba even though she is full grown. Nova is 7 and almost 14 pounds! We wonder if she is a mame "mini" shiba.

    Zuko - Dude. No kidding. Nova was very efficient leaving her fur on everything.

    Jules - National shiba inu meet up sounds great! Sadly, I have very limited vacation days at my work place :( I've never been to middle America states. Would like to visit sometime!

  10. Very funny and cute. This really hits home!