Q: What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

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I do not think dogs need clothes and doggy sweaters unless it's for functional purposes. Like the time I knitted Betsy a sweater because her undercoat hadn't grown in time for cold weather and she was shivering during walks (Sweater FAIL btw. Betsy hated her sweater). Although I think costumes can be fun when done in tasteful manner. Rain won't let me dress the dogs up for Halloween though. Otherwise, Kit would be superman and Betsy would be Robin Hood as done by Shio.

Speaking of knitting, I went to the Duchess County Sheep & Wool Festival with Nova's owner Jenni and my friend Laura this past weekend. We got to see sheep dog demonstrations! I learned that border collies are total OCD workaholics. They are happiest when all their sheep are gathered and in order. What super smart and well behaved dogs!

[Workaholic at work - Rhinebeck, NY]

[It's been a long day - Rhinebeck, NY]

[OMG they lemme hold one. Shot by Laura - Rhinebeck, NY]

[Look out world. Almost ready to put sheep in order - Shot by Laura - Rhinebeck, NY]

I don't think the Shibal Inus would make very good sheep dogs. Kit would just bark at the sheep. Natto would try to play with them. Betsy would take a sniff and roll around in their poo. Nova would not go anywhere near them.


  1. Fabulous comic, as always.

    I agree with you on doggy clothing. My partner's always been adamantly against infantilizing our dogs by dressing them up... but I have to admit that now that temperatures are dropping, our poor Basenji, who was so happy to go out for walks before, has started resisting. It looks like we're seriously going to have to re-evaluate our NO DOGGY CLOTHING rule for the sake of function for She Whose Breed Hails From Central Africa.

  2. Would be happy to lend you robin hood's costume if you can convince Rain to clothe his Shiba superstars!

  3. Yes, Zuko is going as a Fox this year. With a bandana on. That is all my hubby will let me do. The one time I tried to put a raincoat on Zuko (to avoid too much wet dog smell) he just dropped his tail and stood there shaking and wouldn't move. Sheesh - drama queen?? (I think you have a comic of Betsy having the EXACT SAME reaction). But I respect his Royalness and won't do it again.

    But the costumes are so darn cute......

  4. Here's our pumpkin from this year:


    That is so awesome! Jack-o-shibal inu!!!
    You have no idea how happy this makes me :D