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I watched a NOVA documentary called "The Science of Dogs". It featured a border collie from Austria named Betsy who had a vocabulary comprehension of 300+ words. Shibal Inu Betsy only has a vocabulary of 2 words: "studio" for the photo studio she and Kit sometimes run around in and "Gina". It appears "Gina" doesn't really mean me. "Gina" seems to mean someone exciting is at the door. If you say "Gina" to Betsy, her ears will perk up and she will look expectantly at the door even when I'm sitting right next to her in the room.

Michelle tells me Natto now knows the names of all her family members. I tried to teach Betsy "toy" and "bone" to expand her vocabulary (woah, flashback. Am I turning into my overachieving straight A enforcing Korean mom who sends her kids to S.A.T. after school academies?) with no luck.
Anyone got any suggestions?

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