Canine Cocktail Pawty!

Hey dudes!

First off, many many apologies for lack of posting! New comics will be up soon. Don't worry! It's certainly not due to lack of ideas. Shiba Inus provide endless inspiration for strips, especially these three knuckleheads. I've been away in Nashville, Tennessee where I made friends with Stella and Buckley the cats.

[Stella and some shoes - Nashville, TN]

[Buckley the scardy cat - Nashville, TN]

Please don't tell Kit and Betsy I made friends with cats. Very important lesson learned: I am very allergic to cats. This is a shame as Stella was very much like a dog and would roll over on her back for belly rubs. It also doesn't help she is very soft, plush, and irresistible to pet (please note Stella's excellent post on "Tums Rubbin").

Please stay tuned for new strips!

Secondly, are you aware
Snick the Dog (whose owner is the founder of the NYC Shiba Rescue where Kit and Betsy are from) is hosting a Canine Cocktail Pawty to raise funds for Hike for Our Heroes? What a great way to meet other shibas and benefit such a great cause! I'd certainly love to meet Emmie the super dog! She's been helping her owner walk across America to raise funds for families of soldiers. If you can't make it out, please do consider making a small donation!

Hope everyone's staying cool!

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