the three little shibas.

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This is the last of the fairy tale series. Happy to announce an upcoming new series starring Shio the Shiba! It'll be a good reference if you're considering to be or are a first time owner of a Shiba Inu. Betsy and I got to meet Shio and his person, Ting, at the Canine Cocktail Pawty a few weeks ago. They did not care to be friends but you know shibas... is cool~ is cool~

[L-R: Shio & Betsy]

Wsup to Anouk! And Luna, Emmie the Superdog & Snick! Was very nice to meet such fine shibas!

Last Saturday was Natto's 4th birthday! I'm told he celebrated in Korea with some fish cake and beef bones. Here he is in what looks like food comatose:

[One heppi mung mung eeh - Seoul, Korea]

Happy Birthday Natto!


  1. Ooooh, Shiba blogs collide! Looking forward to the new series! The fairy tale series was a colorful delight, too.

  2. were there more fairy tales? where do i find them? this one is awesome yeah!

  3. Aww man. I liked the fairy tale series.

    YEAHHHHHH! Can't wait to see Shio in comic form!

    and Happy Birthday Natto!

  4. I'm so very excited about the upcoming appearance by Shio. How will Shio speak.... Ohhh, I can't wait!

    Happy Birthday Natto! You have the best name ever.

  5. awwww cute!!!! Happy Barkday Natto!!