Q: If you had a human job, what would you do?

Check out this story of the first shiba inu joining the Okayama Police Department!
There are many occupations that would befit our Shibal Inus.

Kit can be any of the following:
Club bouncer, personal wake up caller, dishwasher.

Baseball catcher, spa facialist (as she likes to roll around in mud and poo), sous chef.

Playwright, detective, Pulitzer prize winning author, luchador.

What human occupation would your dog be good at?


  1. I would be a master chef! I would grow cows and goats and make cheeze. I would hunt deer and squirrels and make treats for all my doggie friends.

  2. HAHA~ Zuko~ I'm imagining you growing cows and goats like a plant hahaaha~ You'd have crops of them and churn them into cheese or something.

  3. Shio would be professional food tester/taster for sure!

  4. i'd be a botanist. i like to examine plants, by looking, sniffing, and eating them. very carefully. i take my time, too. sometimes my humans tell me that the flowers i'm sniffing are fake/plastic. well, they sure look real!

  5. I would thank Akira would make a good Diva: Either a movie star or an opera signer I guess!