Shio's Tip #2.

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Tip #2: We are drama queens with a Shiba scream as referenced in Shio's blog.

I've never ever heard Betsy scream. She's a tough girl. But I've heard Kit scream. Big baby...


  1. I screamed my head off in the middle of a pet store, when I was very very little. My humans asked a groomer to demonstrate how to cut my nails because they were having a hard time with it at home.

    The groomer:"sure, it's easy. like this, see?"

    They had to stop the demonstration because they didn't want to "scare other customers".

    And they told my humans to enroll me in training right away because I was exhibiting a problematic behavior. HAHAHAHA!

  2. When Shio was very young, I accidentally stepped on part of his paw on the way into an elevator just before the door closed.

    We spent the ride down the small enclosed space with him screaming the whole way down.

    Ouch to my eardrums.

  3. Haha! Ain't that the truth. She's better now, but Katsumi used to scream all the time! She screamed when we tried to put on her harness, when we went to the vet, when she didn't like us picking her up, etc. I'm surprised I still have my hearing!

    One of our "favorite" times was her first long-distance puppy car ride. She screamed herself to sleep!

  4. Haha! Love your strips and the blog. Keep it up!