Can you see the arrow pointing at Kit's butt hole:

Thanks to Ting for great beach suggestion! Took Kit and Betsy to the beach at Fort Tilden last week. Learned that Kit cannot be trusted off leash as he ran off to check out abandoned houses nearby. Here are some other shots from the morning:

[He enjoys long romantic walks on the beach - Fort Tilden, NY]

[Rolling around on something smelly - Fort Tilden, NY]

[Happy face - Fort Tilden, NY]

[Kit & Betsy both licked this... gross - Fort Tilden, NY]


  1. Aww...poor Kit! The other doggies are making fun of you! Dude - you are awesome, they are just jealous of you.

  2. "Collect Shiba blessings from here -->"

    I wonder what my butt hole says!

  3. HAHAHA~ blessings...
    Yeah, it's the funniest thing the way Kit's fur makes a shape like that.

  4. HA! That made me LOL so loud at work my boss asked why... and I wasn't about to show him that I was looking at doggy butt pics.

    Great pics though, I love the vintage feel!

  5. Thanks Jen! Hope I don't get you in trouble at work! I used the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. It's one of my favorite toy camera apps :)

  6. "You are here --> "

    Looks like you all had such a great time! Did you go during the weekday? Was it still abandoned? We got caught during the high tide and had to duck underneath the abandoned buildings to get back to the parking lot!

    I'm going to have to download Hipstamatic - I've been using Best Camera.

  7. Oh... and I didn't even bother with calling Shio back that day while he was off lead. He was so Shiba excited it was just a lost cause and I just waited for him to come back to me!

    I also heard that there's a beach on Staten Island for dogs. Will have to explore that one of these days!

  8. Puahahaha~ "You are here."
    Headed there super early in the morning when it would be least likely for people and other dogs to be around. Kit isn't too keen with strangers :T
    I brought his favorite green squeaky toy along in case he needed to be coaxed back but no. He'd rather play tag... in which case you are always "it".

  9. hahaha the arse arrow is too funny!!
    i took Ziggy to the beach this weekend - it was his first time on sand and he went truly Shiba-nutty. As soon as he touched it he ran back to me and then ran back and pounced on it - and then he was off - down the sand dunes making this funny little excited noise he makes (that every non Shiba owner thinks is growling). He was like that for about two hours!
    Unfortunately my camera broke quite early on in the day - boo

  10. Wow!! Now I want to go with Pongy :)