birthday cake.

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[Birthday cake - SoHo, NY]

Okay okay, video may be cheesy but it's got the following awesome things: cake, presents, shiba inus, and Sufjan Stevens.

Betsy had a quiet birthday over the weekend. She and Kit had birthday cake from Buttercup's Pawtisserie located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She opened her birthday present like a pro and played with her new rope toy all afternoon.
I think next time, I will try and make a dog birthday cake instead of buying because holy moly, that itty bitty cake was expensive! Did some research and found a few recipes online that seemed simple enough. Many include ingredients like carob. What is carob? And where can I find it? Is there a particular brand bakers use?

Don't forget, only 5 days left to enter Betsy's Birthday Giveaway Contest! Don't be shy! :D


  1. That was a very nice video! That cake looked totally awesome! I liked the way that Kit especially stared at it. LOL And, that was cute how Betsy took her present off to the side and she opened it so nicely! I'm glad that my 2 shibas are sisters, I think I would feel guilty only giving one of them a toy. LOL As far as cakes, we wouldn't be able to do that kind of cake since Sami has a food allergy. So, for their birthday, I form a cake out of 1 can of her food and decorate it with her kibble and treats. No baking required! I have a video of their last birthday in my blog, (March) if you would like to see their cake.

  2. Awwww.. looks like a fantastic birthday party! And yummy cake! Wow. Expensive = beautiful + envious Shiba here.

  3. I've been looking for carob too!!!

  4. I tried New York Cake & Baking Distributers and even theeeeeey don't stock carob!

  5. god it's like this mystery ingredient no one can find! I haven't tried but I also hear health food stores carry them. Will certainly keep you posted if I find anything.