work out.

Natto's gained a little weight due to too much love from Michelle's mom. So to encourage some indoor exercise (as Seoul doesn't have dog parks), I sent him a cat toy. Natto likes cat toys.

Auntie Gina's awesome gift that lasted 5 whole mins. from michellemin on Vimeo.

I've been watching Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution. I totally support eating fresh foods and buying local produce, even for dogs. Kit, Betsy, and Natto are all on a natural food diet. They don't eat processed dog food.

Here's Michelle's recipe for home made dog food which yields enough for about a week:
- dozen eggs hard-boiled, peeled and mashed
- 2 cans of tuna or salmon
- broccoli boiled
- two cups of brown rice
- peas and carrots
- freshly chopped parsley

Mix all together and voila!
Please feel free to adjust the recipe according to your preference!

Do you have any suggestions for unprocessed dog food? What do you feed your dog?


  1. Mmm! Natural food diets sound delicious! I get healthy food (meat with no salt, veggies, rice, etc.), but it's still mixed with my kibbles. I'm going to leave this recipe on Alpha's pillow so that she can make it for me.
    But I thought we weren't allowed to have broccoli? Does boiling it denature the bad stuff?

    Also, you might like this Kanye work out video:

    OK back to my morning subasana. Namaste!

  2. HAHA~ I love Kanye! That is one of my favorite songs :D

    I believe broccoli in small amounts is okay as long as daily intake doesn't exceed more than 10% of a dog's diet. Otherwise, you will have one gassy pooch.

  3. Also, please feel free to adjust the recipe according to your preference! One time, while dog sitting for Natto, he meticulously picked out all the carrots. I don't think I can do that with just my teeth.

  4. Suki loves eggs, we sometimes give her raw ones, cracked over her meal, to make her eat it, (she is a very fussy girl).
    She loves fish too, so I might try this one, see if she takes to it. Thanks :)

  5. We are on our way to switching Shio's diet too after we finish our last bag of processed food. Can't stand the thought of giving him any more kibble. Ew ew ew!

  6. Yay for healthy eating! I was just looking at a box of dog treats and under the listed ingredients was "natural smoke flavor". My reaction, "Eh??"

  7. Looking to change up food--thinking that it might be food that makes my ears so darn itchy.

    Couple of questions: can we eat all the broccoli or just the stalks? And for the canned fish, what do you like for farmed/ wild/ boneless/ skinless? And I'm thinking of substituting sweet potato for the rice--thoughts?

    Thanks for your input.

  8. Hi Taro! Great to hear you're considering a natural diet! Just a note, the recipe listed above should be used at your owner's discretion. Natto, Kit, and Betsy loved this recipe but what works for them may not work for you. Also, if you're like Betsy and have a sensitive stomach, it may take a few days for your tummy to adjust to new diets. Your owner knows you best and knows which diet is most beneficial to you.

    I believe you can eat the stalks of the broccoli but feel free to have your owner trim them if they find it necessary.

    For fish, I think any of the options you listed are okay. Kit and Betsy also eat canned mackerel. Your coat will get nicer and smoother, probably because of the fish oil. I'm told canned fish is pressure cooked so bones will break down fine. Plus, it's added calcium to your diet.

    Natto loves sweet potatoes! I'm sure you wouldn't mind that substitution. Sometimes he'll have it with raw chicken breast.

    Please make sure your owner does their research before preparing any meals for you. The last thing anyone would want is a sick doggy. Hope this was helpful! Good luck with customizing your recipe!

  9. my mommy feeds me all sorts of natural stuff-- veggies are good for me...i especially love the korean pears, but i wonder what the healthy dosage of natural fruit sugar intake is for little ole me. ruff ruff. - momo!

  10. Thanks for all the input--my humans say they'll be giving me individual items in the food one-by-one over the next few weeks until we're sure everything will agree. Once they know what works, they'll be ending my current diet and officially switching.

    Thanks again & thanks for the many awesome comics that brighten our day!