ice cream.

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Don't it make you feel guilty when dogs watch you eat?


  1. LOL That's funny! I've seen that face before. But, it doesn't make me feel guilty as Sami has a food allergy and can only have her food and her treats. And, it wouldn't be fair to give Miko something that Sami can't have.

  2. Oh yeah - we get that look so much. The "starving dog" look. I mean, is this how they hunt? Do they just stare at prey in the wild with their cute face and expect the squirrel to fall dead from the tree into their mouth? :-)

  3. Do your mom never feed you, too, Betsy!? Neither does my Alpha!
    If she doesn't respond when I ask nicely with my sad Shiba face, I lift my nose, narrow my eyes, glare at her, and silently WILL her to give me part of whatever she's eating.
    I mean, don't they eat enough? Why do they never feed us!
    We should hunger strike in protest.
    Wait, I hear the cheese drawer opening.

  4. *does. See, I'm so hungry I can't type! GAH!

  5. "You done yet? How about now? Now? What about now?"

  6. How funny and coincidental. I just had a little bowl of ice cream in bed and Niko jumped into the bed. He never goes in our bed. I guess ice cream is extra fun to lick.

    Cute illustration!