Shop Announcement!

Hello everyone!
Greeting cards featuring your favorite Shibal Inus are now available on Etsy!
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the NYC Shiba Rescue: www.nycshibarescue.org
Kit and Betsy are both from the NYC Shiba Rescue.
I'm sure all four dogs are happy to give back and help out their fellow shiba inus in need.
Thanks for all your support and reading Our Shibal Inu!

[Spread Shibal Inu love - via Etsy.com]


  1. Yeah! Bought a variety pack - can't wait for it to get here!

  2. Aw yeah! Thanks Zuko's mom!

  3. our post on your greeting cards has the most hits so far today! it's the first time a post has ever exceeded the hits on our homepage! Hopefully you get some business from us. :-)