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I should've known better than to leave a leather sandal laying around:

[It wasn't me - SoHo, NY]

I'm really glad I don't own a pair of expensive Christian Louboutin's or Jimmy Choo's. If this happened to them, I'd sit there... and cry... and cry...
I have a feeling Kit knew he was doing something bad because he had the shoe long enough to do a lot more damage than he did. Why is it always your favorite shoe? They know... THEY KNOW!!! At least the strap didn't break and it's still wearable :p

By the way, just finished a Shibal Inu 2011 calendar:

You can pick up your 365.25 days of Shibal Inu at the Etsy shop.

Also, your favorite furry pals are also on Facebook. Do a search for "shibal inu" and you should be able to find them.


  1. Kit looks ridiculously and inappropriately pleased with himself.

  2. ordered! and the greeting cards have arrived, too. the packaging and everything is so great!

  3. I love the second picture as he looks pretty content, almost smiling :)

    On a side note, Akira asks if he has ever tried books, he says they taste great too !

  4. Oh my - yes, Kit does look very pleased with himself. I think they are actually proud of their "killing" skills and want to share them.

    BTW - Zuko rec'ed his variety card pack and is looking forward to sending mail to people!!

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  6. Do you ship outside the US & Canada? I live in Australia, and would LOVE to purchase a calender!

  7. @boldaslove Of course I ship international! Just added shipping cost to Australia. Am very excited to know Aussies read Shibal Inu :D

  8. @boldaslove ACK~!! I put the wrong shipping information for Australia. Just corrected it!