a sneak peek.

For friends not feeling well:

For a job well done:

For birthdays:

For just because:

I'm hoping to have these puppies ready and up in my Etsy shop by the end of the month. Will certainly announce as soon as they're up!
Now all I need is a good "thank you" card.
Any suggestions?


  1. Gina--

    these are great! Some twitter shibas can't wait to send a Get Well Soon card to Kaiju. He has another leg surgery tomorrow... http://www.iamkaiju.com/?p=1272

    As for thank you cards, I'm stumped. There's something to be said about our independent nature not seeming thankful and playing off that, but I can't quite finish fleshing out the idea. :(

  2. Oh boy! These are awesome!
    I also showed these and your etsy shop to my Alpha and she is curious about your knits, too! :)
    We can't wait to see you fill your etsy shop!

    Hmm. I only say a demure thank you if someone pleasantly surprises me - food-sharing, new toys for no reason, etc.
    Or I say thank you in advance as I expect someone to fulfill my wishes (i.e. lying on the floor, rolling over, and look expectantly/with a 'thank you' expression until someone gives me a tummy rub.)
    Other than that, I'm at a loss. Sorry!

  3. These are great!

    For a Thank You card, hmm... how about a drawing of a big tongue on the front (as if it was licking something) and on the inside, a happy looking dog with it's tongue out saying "Thank you!" Too gross?

  4. how awesome are those?! my favorite is the "get well soon" one. hehe, it makes me giggle.

    my impression of my shiba saying thank you is very nonchalant. like when i bring him a water bowl, he seems to glance at it and says "oh yah, if you could just leave it there... i'll get to it later. thanx"

  5. Love the cards!

    I don't think Katsumi knows the words "thank you" so I'm stumped. I like a few of the suggested ideas though!

  6. I think you should also make a Shiba "mine" card. Shio can relate to that more than the "thank you" card!

    These are great! We can't wait to see more!

  7. Love the cone of shame card. I'm ready to buy some now for some dog friends of mine. Great job.

  8. You could make invitation or save the date cards too :) Who could say no to the cuteness!

  9. maybe kit or bets can give a little nugget of poop and a gesture of thanks?