shrink 2.

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Natto is referring to the incident in this photo:

[Natto's run in w/ local Korean gansta. Photo by Jin - Seoul, Korea]

That little girl is no joke. Look at that concentration. That solid as a rock stance. Don't mess...

Silly me, I meant to end Natto's birthday giveaway on July 2nd but I guess my finger slipped on the keyboard and typed in 12 instead. My little mistake is your benefit! There's still time to enter Natto's birthday giveaway! Go! Go! Go!


  1. Shoot (ha ha), that little girl means business, Natto. No wonder you needed some couch time.

    And speaking of Asians...I figure you guys might be able to appreciate this humour from our side of the continent:

  2. Natto, you have one of the most awesome-est names. Just wanted to tell you that...

  3. Fun Shibal Inu factoid: Natto was named after one of Michelle's favorite foods:

    Note the part that describes natto as having a powerful smell, strong flavor, and slippery texture.